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Its powerful solution contains the essential trace minerals, amino acids,, plant sourced silica and electrolytes, all combined in a base which permits the dissociation of the water molecule in the body. Synergy O2 is rapidly absorbed by our body, creating virgin oxygen.


SynergenO2 combines the best quality ingredients that your body needs to feel and look younger than ever.
This powder dietary supplement brings these best quality ingredients to look and feel good. Simply mix with water and drink it once daily.


StemO2 is a stem cell activator and is made with the technology and superiority that characterizes every product of SO2 Sport, it includes high doses of natural components that the body absorbs, revitalizing, stimulating the immune system, contributing to nutrition, cleaning and oxygenation of cells.


Synergy4 is four products in one, a synergistic blend of DHEA, coenzyme Q10, a mixture of amino acids (HGH), and vitamins, fortified with our exclusive SynergyO2 formula. Is a super concentrated and technologically advanced formula, utilizing a process of mixing and combining ingredients through a sophisticated process and advanced technology.


Enjoy 3CO collagen in this recipe

Enjoy 3CO collagen in this recipe

We want to share with you  this delicious and simple recipe using 3CO sports collagen that we're sure you'll love!       INGREDIENTS  -2 servings of 3CO -16 ounces of water -1/2 cup of crushed ice -Pieces of frozen strawberries or watermelon -Fresh mint...

What the most common food cravings mean

What the most common food cravings mean

From chocolate cupcakes to a big steak, not all cravings are equal. While some are purely about pleasure (like your favorite comfort foods), others can point to a lack of nutrients or a hormonal imbalance. If you’ve ruled out stress or other emotional reasons you’re...

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